…and it’s 2012

Hope everyone had a great holiday. After an intense year, it was nice to take a break. I went to some amazing parties, did some cooking,hung out with friends, and even found time to play some video games, which I could always call “research.” I still managed to do some work, and started a painting for the Monster Show, which opens February 27th at Prince Georges Community College’s Marlboro Gallery, and some illustration work.

I’m looking forward to 2012 and resolving to slow down just a bit. It feels like I’ve been rushing forever and need to stop and smell the roses – or the coffee or whatever – especially when it comes to painting. I do have several group shows lined up, including exhibits in the UK, LA, NYC, and beyond. I also have several in DC for a change. I’m not planning on a solo show this year, which will be a nice break. My home page and “Upcoming” sections of my blog are updated with a few links, so check those out.

“The Luckiest Widow in the World and Other Tales of Misfortune” at Last Rites Gallery runs through January 28th, so there’s still plenty of time to catch it. The opening was December 3rd, and we had a great time. Big thanks to Paul, Genevive, and the entire Last Rites Gang. The show also spurred some nice write ups here and there. In a piece titled “Scott G. Brooks: X-Rated,” Visionary Artistry Magazine wrote:

I usually have to do a double take with all of his work. Brooks’ artwork is shocking. But, I was not entirely appalled because this outrageous artist plays entirely in his own field, and his artwork is unmistakably one of a kind. His insane, x-rated, pornographic showcase will undoubtedly plague my mind for the next couple of weeks. His work makes for an unmistakable horror show, and I am still trying to figure out who would place images like these in their home. I am being somewhat obtrusive and over-bearing, but witnessing Brooks’ artwork will put you in a perfectly uncomfortable state. However, at the same time, it is quite intriguing and admirable. Brooks blends his work in a form of images that reminds me of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. It has a holy connection to it but at the same time it appears to serve as an outcast to other artwork. In other words, there is a subject as the center piece, and there are many people, or buildings, or symbols surrounding this subject (just like Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment.” Read the rest here.

I’d only consider myself R rated – or maybe NC-17 at a stretch – but it’s a fun read and many thanks to Visionary Artistry Magazine. Art Nouveau Magazine also had a great spread. Big thanks also to Hi FructoseCreep Machine, and Arrested Motion for including my work.

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