“Common People”

“Common “People”
Recent Work by Scott G Brooks
May 27 – July9
Gallery Blue Door
833 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

“Common People”

As an artist, I draw inspiration from the world around me. Growing up, I began with cartoons of my family, pets, and neighbors. Later, I drew what I saw on television and in movies, capturing the magic of Bewitched and other shows. Today, my art reflects the people and experiences that fill my life – from bears and otters to witches and fairies, pagans, atheists, and Christians. I draw those who interest me, from neighbors to drinking buddies, celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday.

Living in a world where non-conformity is often shamed, I find refuge in the arts. They offer a space for individuality and creativity to thrive, and I embrace that fully. My art is not about sales or pleasing critics – it’s about self-expression and exploration. It’s fun and light-hearted, with touches of dad humor that some appreciate and others may not. Regardless, I make art because it brings me joy and keeps me occupied.

My hope is that my art will serve as a visual record of my life and experiences, allowing future generations to connect with and understand what it was like to live in the time that I did. From politics and social issues to struggles for LGBTQ rights, my art tells a story of the fights and joys that shaped my world. And while negativity and criticism are things I’ve grown accustomed to as a gay man, I remain committed to sharing my art with those who can appreciate it – just as I connect with painters who lived hundreds of years ago.

Scott G Brooks

“Lightsources of the Body and Sole” 1996

“Lightsources of the Body and Sole” 1996. 48” x 60” This was my first major painting after moving to DC from Flint in 1990. It’s one of my favorites and still hangs in my studio

Open Studios Weekend!

Hello everyone!  It’s Open Studio Season here in Baltimore. I’m happy to have a couple artist friends joining me this weekend. Jasjyot Singh Hans and Doug Johnson. Both are MICA grads and will have some beautiful work to share. They will be on the first floor and I will be in my ususal spot on the second floor. We will have original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, books, and more. Saturday and Sunday from noon – 6. Free and open to the public.


Smokey Bear Updates…

Big thanks to the Smokey Bear Association for inviting me to their 25th annual celebration this past week up in Bethlehem PA. I met other Smokey artists, signed posters and caught up on all the latest Smokey Bear news. I also brought back a few posters and they will be available at Open Studios this weekend.

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