Bear Angel: Tom

Here’s the latest digital portrait. I’ve been working on several of these. Email me at  or visit my online store for more information.

Here’s a short video showing the process of one of these. I use Photoshop and my Cintiq to create everything. I record it using OBS and edit with Adobe Premiere. 

Hanging with Sasquatch

This photo was taken in the late 70’s – I was 18 or 19. I learned what I could about  latex rubber and molds and created this 7 foot tall Sasquatch…he hung around for several years and came to Ann Arbor with me, holding court in the group ouse I shared with other art students. We dressed him up at parties and he was a hit. His head remained for several years after the body fell apart…and moved with me to DC.  

Star Trek Saturday…

“Boldly Going” 2009 We’ve been catching up on Picard…made me think about this one I did for Yuri’s Night exhibit in DC 

Liberty Takes a Holiday 2003

“Liberty Takes a Holiday” 2003. This was painting during the run up for the disastrous  Iraq war and exhibited in a show at the Warehouse Gallery called “Propaganda of War”  – the republicans lied their way into that war – and it all feels very familiar. #arlingtoncemetary #oilwars 

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