Mark Your Calendar! Open Studios 2021 are October 23rd and 24th

After skipping a year…Open Studios Weekend is Saturday and Sunday, October 23-24 from 10am-6pm. This is a city wide event here in Baltimore organized by Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts. I’ll have some new “Pandemic Era” work as well as older paintings, drawings and prints. Check out my website for work available now –…free shipping in the US .
from BOPA…”An annual city-wide event, Baltimore Open Studio Tour has brought together professional artists and the general public, giving art lovers, students, art collectors, and creative influencers the opportunity to visit, meet, engage, purchase, and get a glimpse into the world and studios of some of Baltimore City’s most vibrant artists.”…/baltimore-open-studio-tour

“Sidewalk of Earthly Delights” New for Street Stories Exhibit

“’Sidewalk of Earthly Delights”
oil on canvas
18″ x 24″

New for the Street Stories exhibit at BrassWorks Gallery.  Contact the gallery or DM me for more info. 

’Sidewalk of Earthly Delights’ is an homage to Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. Like Bosch’s painting, my aim was a chaotic mix of absurdity. Painted during the Covid-19 pandemic, the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin seemed an appropriate metaphor to use in my painting. The street scene depicted shows a community in the midst of a plague of rat-flies – which as anyone who lives in the city knows can be difficult to control. Like we are experiencing in real life, the reactions of the neighbors range from horror to benign indifference. They appear skeptical of the savior, in the form of a piper, while he leads the rat-flies away. The supporting cast consists of the type of strange and wonderful creatures that dwell in the city. There are always surprises when walking down a busy street, and I included that in my painting. From the wealthy to the poor, the exhibitionists to the dog walkers, not everything can be easily explained, and must just be accepted. 


The Naked Truth Show

The Naked Truth is live now! The art exhibit features work by five diverse figurative artists from the Baltimore region including myself. The accompanying podcast is also live and the first two episodes are available to stream now.  The other artists are Lania d’Agostino, Douglas Johnson, Jasjyot Singh Hans and Kieran Solley. The practice of working with models has always been a part of my training, and most artists for hundreds of years. This show is a means to highlight that. Here are my pieces from the show and links to purchase

"The Regal Badger" Oil on canvas 24" x 36" $2200
"Squatting Man with a Beard" mixed media on paper 30" x 36" $750
"The Modest Badger" mixed media on paper 30" x 36" $750
'Bored" mixed media on paper 24" x 30" $750
"Standing Model with a Big Stick" Mixed media on paper 20" x 28" $750

Bear Angel: Tom

Here’s the latest digital portrait. I’ve been working on several of these. Email me at  or visit my online store for more information.

Here’s a short video showing the process of one of these. I use Photoshop and my Cintiq to create everything. I record it using OBS and edit with Adobe Premiere. 

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