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*New! T-shirt shop on Threadless

I’ve just opened an artist shop on and have 11 designs available for the holidays. A few of them might look familiar but several are new just for Threadless. The variety of styles and colors will make it much more fun for everyone.

Baltimore Open Studios October 23rd -24th

After skipping a year Baltimore Open Studios are back. I’ll be opening my studio from 10-6 both Saturday and Sunday so stop by. I’ll have original paintings, drawings, figure studies and kids illustrations . There are also prints, books and a few t-shirts.  This is the one time each year I open up the archives and prop everything up. Great opportunity for a deal so feel free to make me an offer. 

More information at Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. 

An annual city-wide event, Baltimore Open Studio Tour brings together professional artists and the general public, giving art lovers, students, art collectors, and creative influencers the opportunity to visit, meet, engage, purchase, and get a glimpse into the world and studios of some of Baltimore City’s most vibrant artists.

Each year attendees travel from across Maryland and the surrounding region to visit the studios of artists in Baltimore, see their work, and step into their working processes.

Open your studio on October 23 and 24, and take the opportunity to share your work with the public and with other artists during OST Weekend.

This program is made possible with the generous support of the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC).

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