Artist's Statement

I create work based on the figure. It is a language that is accessible and also facilitates communication. Like dance, a narrative is created without words. The stories are told in the infinite number of faces, gestures, and bodies that inhabit my work. I’m attracted to the drama and the ability to create my own theatricality production. The narratives themselves may be simple, or even nonsensical, but the I try to include as much drama and theater into the image that I can.  

Humor is important, and used both as a means to an end, and as an end in itself. It softens the blow of tragic circumstances, or creates a sense of irony. Humor draws people in, an endearing quality in otherwise uncomfortable circumstances. The resulting juxtaposition of humor and tragedy often causes confusion and anger. Even in my most severe pieces, humor exists on some level, if only as a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.  

Scott G. Brooks 

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