Artist's Statement

As an artist, I draw inspiration from the world around me. Growing up, I began with cartoons of my family, pets, and neighbors. Later, I drew what I saw on television and in movies, capturing the magic of Bewitched and other shows. Today, my art reflects the people and experiences that fill my life – from bears and otters to witches and fairies, pagans, atheists, and Christians. I draw those who interest me, from neighbors to drinking buddies, celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday.

Living in a world where non-conformity is often shamed, I find refuge in the arts. They offer a space for individuality and creativity to thrive, and I embrace that fully. My art is not about sales or pleasing critics – it’s about self-expression and exploration. It’s fun and light-hearted, with touches of dad humor that some appreciate and others may not. Regardless, I make art because it brings me joy and keeps me occupied.

My hope is that my art will serve as a visual record of my life and experiences, allowing future generations to connect with and understand what it was like to live in the time that I did. From politics and social issues to struggles for LGBTQ rights, my art tells a story of the fights and joys that shaped my world. And while negativity and criticism are things I’ve grown accustomed to as a gay man, I remain committed to sharing my art with those who can appreciate it – just as I connect with painters who lived hundreds of years ago.

Scott G. Brooks