Back from LA/ Pop Surrealism

Back from LA and getting settled in. I spent yesterday catching up and worked on St. Sebastian painting and today heading to the NGA to hear Robert Liberace talk about the Rembrandt show. I’ll be taking his painting and drawing class this April.

LA was great – public reception was packed for “Everything But the Kitschen Sync“. It was quite an interesting crowd – lots of fun outlandish outfits – heavy goth leaning.

The Lowbrow/Surreal Pop/underground arts “movement” seems obscure in DC, but in LA and NYC it is off and running. Small galleries that were once tucked in toy stores are branching out and starting Galleries with a capital “G”, and one of the first Surreal Pop artists has his first museum show. We drove up to Pasadena and saw Mark Ryden’s show “Wondertoonel” at the Pasadena Museum of Art. I’ve been a fan for several years, and many people have commented on similarities in our work.

The Lowbrow movement is also known as Pop Surrealism, and at other times Carnivalesque. Here is a great list of links.

pop Surrealism