New Work from “We the People”

Here is the new work from the show. You can see larger images on Flickr.

We the People
“We the People”

Separation Anxiety: An Allegory for the Conflict between Good and Evil
“Separation Anxiety: An Allegory for the Conflict between Good and Evil”

Liberty Leading the People
“Liberty Leading the People”

Duty Bound with a Fancy Coat
“Duty Bound with a Fancy Coat”

Founding Fathers
“Founding Fathers”

Leda and the Swan Go Picnicking
“Leda and the Swan Go Picnicking”

The Buying of the Cow
“The Buying of the Cow”

Love Is in the Air
“Love Is in the Air”

Love in Danger
“Love in Danger”


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

2008 State Easter Egg Display

Just before Christmas, Kim Ward from the WPA asked me if I would be interested in painting an egg for this years State Easter Egg Display at the White House Visitors Center. It was an odd request, but I agreed. This past Monday was the unveiling and reception for the artists. First up was a private tour of the White House. Following that was a reception with the First Lady.

The eggs will be on display through Easter, so stop by if you can.

White House photo by Shealah Craighead

Photo by Mike L

Photo by me

Everyone was great. Most of the artists, including those from Hawaii and Alaska, came in for event. Many more drove half-way across the country. Mike and I took a cab. Luckily for us we were still on Italy time, since we needed to be there by 6:30am. They allowed us to bring 3 guests, so besides Mike I brought Frederick and Kim, since she brought all this together.

The tour was fun and different than most White House tours in that we could wander freely throughout the rooms, take pictures, and caress the decor. After seeing so many huge, over-the-top palaces in Italy, it seems very modest.

Here are a few pictures. Mike took most of them, so big thanks to him and also to Frederick and Kim for joining me. All the photos are on my Flickr site.

Waiting for George

Kim Ward, myself, Mike, and Frederick Nunley.

Mike and I in the East Room. That’s a portrait of Martha Washington behind us, and the famous portrait of Washington by Gilbert Stuart is further back. This is the room where most large press conferences take place, as well as ceremonies and entertaining.

The Green Room

Wonderful portrait of Benjamin Franklin by David Martin, shown wearing a powdered wig.

Exiting the Green Room into the Blue Room.

Mike and I on the President’s couch in the Blue Room.

Another great portrait in the Red Room of Martin Van Buren’s daughter-in-law, Angelica Singleton Van Buren. It was painted in 1842 by Henry Inman and hangs above the mantel. The marble bust of Van Buren seen in the painting is also in the room.

Frederick in the White House State Dining Room.

Windows Security Flaw Is ‘Severe’

This sounds nasty…“Unlike with previously revealed vulnerabilities, computers can be infected simply by visiting one of the Web sites or viewing an infected image in an e-mail …”


PCs Vulnerable to Spyware, Viruses

By Brian Krebs
Special to The Washington Post

A previously unknown flaw in Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system is leaving computer users vulnerable to spyware, viruses and other programs that could overtake their machines and has sent the company scrambling to come up with a fix.

Microsoft said in a statement yesterday that it is investigating the vulnerability and plans to issue a software patch to fix the problem. The company could not say how soon that patch would be available.

Mike Reavey, operations manager for Microsoft’s Security Response Center, called the flaw “a very serious issue.”

Security researchers revealed the flaw on Tuesday and posted instructions online that showed how would-be attackers could exploit the flaw. Within hours, computer virus and spyware authors were using the flaw to distribute malicious programs that could allow them to take over and remotely control afflicted computers.

Unlike with previously revealed vulnerabilities, computers can be infected simply by visiting one of the Web sites or viewing an infected image in an e-mail through the preview pane in older versions of Microsoft Outlook, even if users did not click on anything or open any files. Operating system versions ranging from the current Windows XP to Windows 98 are affected.(read more)

Art Exhibit at CORE

January 3 – 28, 2005 WPAC Presents: REVEALED
Exhibition Reception Thursday, January 13, 6-8pm
CORE architecture + design, 1010 Wisconsin Ave. NW #405
Works on view Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm

Selected new works by regional artists that recently appeared in the ANONYMOUS RETURNS exhibition cast in a new light with their identities revealed. All works are available for $500.

Ken Ashton, Gretchen Beck, Raya Bodnarchuk, Scott Brooks, Seth Cohen, Djakarta, Katie Donegan, Mim Golub, David Jung, J.T. Kirkland, Prescott Moore Lassman, Kate MacDonnell, Quint Marshall, Erin McRoberts, Mary D. Ott, Daniel Penaloza, Katherine Radke, Chuck Scalin, Nicholas F. Shi, and Alan Simensky.
All works are available for $500 (+DC Sales Tax) and can be purchased through the office at 202.639.1828.

Girl With Pet Goat

Girl with Pet Goat 2004
graphite and pastel
24″ x 24″

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