Countdown to Yuri’s Night – April 10th

Countdown to Yuri’s Night is this Saturday, April 10th. They sold out last year, and tickets are selling quick. Go to for tickets and more information!

From the press release (download PDF)

Countdown to Yuri’s Night, an out of this world art extravaganza that combines visual art, performance, and music to commemorate the first human space flight, is back for a third year.
Saturday, April 10,
8 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Capitol Skyline Hotel (10 “i” Street, SW)
Tickets are $30 in advance ($35 at the door).
Visit for tickets, artist links, and event announcements.

Returning this year are Trixie Little and The Evil Hate Monkey, an award‐winning acrobatic superduo who dance, flip, fight, and strip for the opposing forces of good and evil. Their adventures have taken them all across the United States, and now they are charting a course to conquer the galaxy. Miss Saturn, a New York‐based staple of vaudeville and comedy with her 40 orbit rings (hula hoops), is also making an encore appearance. Hosted by Southern Hemisphere, the show’s emcee best known for her work as Card Girl in The Lobsterboy Revue, the Cosmonaughty Variety Show also includes:
• L’il Dutch, DC’s salty sweet burlesque star and host of The Dutch Oven;
• Eva Brontosaurus, a musical comedy trio that’s one part drag queen and two parts real women who like to do drag;
• Dr. Swami YoMahmi, Ph.D., a regular traveler in the D.C. sideshow universe, ably assisted by his lab assistant Booger; and Demivolt, a Washington‐based post‐punk/rock/surf band that will provide the musical backdrop for the show.

In an “Astro‐Pop” art exhibition organized by artists Scott G. Brooks and Jared Davis, approximately 20 visual artists will exhibit work that celebrates, reflects, and imagines space, from hard‐core science to the lowbrow culture.

Confirmed artists include: Chris Bishop, Stephen Blickenstaff, Scott G Brooks, Chris Chen, Jared Davis, Alan Defibaugh, Dana Ellyn, Elstabo, Gregory Ferrand, Todd Gardner, Linas Garsys, Sherill Anne Gross, Jeannette L. Herrera, Emily Greene Liddle, Bill Remington, Dave Savage, Matt Sesow, Steve Strawn, and Andrew Wodzianski. The exhibition is online now at

The night’s festivities also include a lunar dance party with Chief Boogie Officer DJ P.Vo and special guest DJs, Stoli‐sponsored drink specials, a reduced‐gravity chamber (moonbounce), celestial costume contests, and a final frontier photo booth. Countdown to Yuri’s Night is an artistic spin on a high‐science holiday. On April 12, 1961, Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin embarked on the historic first manned space flight. Every year around April 12, Yuri’s Night parties are held all around the world; it’s like St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo for space. For art, please contact Deb Fiscella / Center Stage Marketing at

Countdown to Yuri’s Night  – on YouTube…

Countdown to Yuri’s Night in Wired! Wired ran a great writeup and featured many of the artists showing this year. They wrote:

…The show brings together Pop-Surrealism, Post-Pop and Lowbrow stylists who “frequently and freely embrace the imagery of science fiction and mid-century tropes,” according to Countdown lead organizer Jared Davis. “Countdown to Yuri’s Night is an excellent excuse to feature their more sci-fi inspired work.

“Whether it’s Scott Brooks’ nightmare vision of a future where Cupie-doll robots battle for Thorazine, Steve Strawn’s photo journalism from the great robot wars or Sherill Anne Gross’ green pinup girls, they all create a vision of the future of humankind in space. Whether it’s an accurate prediction is beside the point — what matters is that they are having the conversation and leaving room for any one of a million possible futures.”

I’ll be exhibiting “Battle for Thorazine.” Go here to see the rest of the art. Get in touch with me or if you’re interested in purchasing any of the art.

Finally, here’s the postcard designed by Alan Defibaugh!