Distorted Reality – Artist Interview with WOW x WOW

Big thanks! Fun interview and lots of images of my work are up on the new art site WOW x WOW check it out on their site. They also have a Facebook page.

Scott G. Brooks is an American artist, currently residing in the country’s capital city, Washington D.C. He paints images which provide us with a glimpse into the darker core of our human existence. No subject is off limits or too challenging for Brooks, and his canvases are brimming full of stories which take their cues from our murky social, psychological and political lives, all filtered through his offbeat sense of humour. The psyche and appearance of the characters in Scott’s tales are exposed to the viewer to reveal everything from their dominance through to their vulnerabilities, as a means of allowing us to reflect on human nature in contemporary times.

Scott’s unique vision and masterly use of paint has earned him an international following and has seen him exhibit his work in prestigious galleries around the world.
WOW x WOW caught up with Scott as he prepares for his next solo show, to discuss his artistic thoughts, process and working life.
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