Dolphin Report

Bright and early last Saturday – around 2pm – we headed to the Rehoboth for a week.

Weather has been great – Sunny and in the 80’s most of the week. Cloudy yesterday so we went shopping. Though the forecast called for rain/clouds today it’s sunny out right now. Hurricane Ophelia is to the south of us but we haven’t seen any of that. We’re just a few blocks from the beach in a garage type apartment.

WiFi connections have been spotty at best – but not having 24/7 internet connection is what’s making this such a good vacation. We both spend way to much time sitting in front off the computer. Finally found this place thats reliable and serves coffee – unfortunately I have to drive here. Zoggs near the beach is OK – but is mostly just a sports bar – which does have it’s moments – but not at 8am. I had some work to do, primarily sketches for a Forest Service project. Lots more awaiting me back in DC though.

Oh yea – dolphins everyday – lot’s of them and very close up. We saw another obvious beach newcomer (pale, cautious, woefully unprepared) quickly get out of the water when he saw the fins – it was clear he thought it was a shark coming to eat him.