Frog Marching/Ding Dong


Rove could be gone…lots of great chatter about him being the source of the leak. It’s going to be another fun hot summer here in DC.

MSNBC has one story.
and the Daily Kos

And this fairytale ending from Kos…
“I still like the theory that Bolton sought the names, passed them/her’s/Plame’s off to Rove, Rove calls Bobby Boy…almost exactly 2 years later (finally), it’s all uncovered, Dubs, at an all-time low in voter-approval ratings, gets slammed, impeached and removed because of all the political capital he’s spent on a treason-er (Bolton) and the sky starts falling, except this time Chicken Little, it really is!! THEN, Cheney becomes Prez, God help us, runs the Republicans further into the ground with his drab, middle-school-principle speech style, Hillary runs in ‘08, WINS, and we all live happily ever after.”