Jumping Through Hoops Update


I met with Elyse on Monday and we selected 17 new drawings. Most of them were either finished or close to it, so it wasn’t a problem picking out what will work for the show. It was interesting to see everything laid out together, that’s not something I would do. All the work is similar in color and theme, but much more is happening than in the Virtues and Sins series.

Yesterday, I took 7 pieces over to Chevy Chase Gallery to get framed. The rest will be finished this week or next. What a relief it will be to have everything done a few weeks early. I thought I might frame a few myself but instead will let Jackie take care of it. The frames we went with are a mix of old and new, which is perfect for the art. It is a luxury to let someone else deal with it.

I’ll be adding a section about the show to my website soon and will post details and images there. In the meantime, here’s a finished one I can share.

Miss Applebaums Search for Heaven was a Short One

Miss Applebaums Search for Heaven was a Short One<
9″ x 12″
mixed media drawing on paper