Modern Fabulists at View Art Gallery – Bristol, UK

I’m very excited to be included in Modern Fabulists. Curated by Richard Scarry and Chippy Coates. The show runs from April 22 to May 29th at View Gallery in Bristol, UK.

Modern Fabulists is a groundbreaking exhibition featuring America and Europe’s most extraordinary contemporary artists. For the first time we are collaborating with the new American and English art duo Coates and Scarry, which has exposed us to one of the most comprehensive collections of young, international and diverse modern artists of our time.

The artists have created new pieces around the theme of “modern fabulists – a composer of fables, a teller of tales, a liar… an artist”. The exhibition celebrates the enduring relevance of storytelling. Pagan imagery, human and animal mixed manifestations, the shocking juxtaposed with the sublime, all come together to represent what are ultimately beautiful and spiritual renderings and interpretations of folklore and tales.

The artists featured in the show are Dan Baldwin, Jacob Arden McClure, Dee Dee Cheriel, Karen Akester, Anne Faith Nicholls, Corine Perier, Lori Field, Marco Mazzoni, Pepa Prieto, David Stein, Derek Weisberg, Hayley Murphy, Kirsty Whiten, Lauren Bergman, Angela Lizon and Scott G Brooks. We preview a few in this blog with more to follow in future updates. Read more…


I’ll be exhibiting “Driven by Attraction”

and “The Widow and the Birdwife”