Opening Night pics

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to the show. It was a really great night. I talked briefly with most everyone, and we all had a bit more quality time after the show at Vegetate. Thanks especially to Drew and Larissa for doing such a great job setting up the show and getting the word out. Thanks also to Brandon and Candace for their video, and lastly, my family and Mike. The show is now online here and here.

I’ve uploaded pics from the evening to my Flickr account, check them out. Here’s just a sample.

Emily Green Liddle, myself, Anna U. Davis and Candy Keegan

Todd Gardner, Jaya, and Kate

Mike, Larissa and Chad Alan

Brandon Bloch and myself

Jared Davis, Chris Bishop and Shane P. from Art Whino

Dana Ellyn, myself and Matt Sesow

The family – front, my sister Michelle, my brother Craig and his wife Dawn, and my mom.

Emily Green Liddle, Drew, Anna U. Davis and Candy Keegan

Mike and mom

This coming weekend it’s Open Studios for the Mid-City Artists. Long View Gallery will be taking the place of my studio and I’ll be there both days. Maps and info on the artists are available on the Mid City Artists website.