I’ll be showing at Mondo Bizarro Gallery in Rome along with several other artists from Billy Shire Fine Arts. The opening is March 1st. Other artists include SHAG, Glenn Barr, Liz McGrath, Chris Mars, Daniel Martin Diaz, Scott Musgrove, Ana Bagayan, Gary Taxali, Bob Dob, and Nathan Ota. Some of them are heading over too, so it should be a good time.

I’ll be in Florence 10 days before heading to Rome. There are some other DC folks over there right now, and my cousin may even swing by. Kate and Jared will be flying over with Mike the week after I get in, and we’ll be touring around with them for the rest of the trip. If all goes well, I’ll post a few travel and show updates here as well as uploading photos to Flickr. After Rome we’re heading north to Venice for a few days, then get a car and make stops in Bologna and Perugia before flying home.

Here’s the painting that will be in the Rome show: “Leader of the Pack”

Lots of new work started for the show in May, which we’re calling “Under the Skin.” Here’s a look at of one of the new paintings: “Hanging By a Thread”

Other things I’ve been working on include a small job for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and also a small project that I can’t talk about. Here’s a link. Draw your own conclusions.