What’s Happening Now

With the holidays upon us, I’m working on a few things. I just posted one of my paintings for the Last Holiday Starkillers exhibit. This is the last one we’ll do as a nod to the final Star Wars film. I’ll be varnishing, framing, delivering and hanging this week. I’m also getting holiday orders out, thanks everyone for your patience. My biggest priority the last few weeks was finishing up work for the Starkillers exhibit. 

I’m also getting work ready to ship out to the Woody Shimko Gallery in Palm Springs. I’m very excited about this venture and will be sending 4 paintings out to start with. Three are new and not been exhibited.

  Other news…I’ve been listening to the Tim Ferris podcast – very inspiring. I’ve focus on art for most of my life and not business. He interviews successful artists, athletes, and business folks from all walks of life and I’m picking up some ideas on how to handle my website and reach out to everyone a bit more.  As always, big thanks to everyone for their ongoing support.