Concussions Art Gallery and the Return of Brooksini

It’s been over 10 years since I created my first website. I used AOL, and my screen name was Brooksini. The site was put together using something called AOL Press. The next incarnation was developed using Net Objects Fusion. A few years later, I got the sgbrooks domain and swore off AOL forever.

Back then, my fine arts and commercial work were featured on the same site. The design was fun and served me well for a few years. Nowadays, I mostly use Dreamweaver, with touchups by Mike.

Fast-forward 10 years. Brooksini has been resurrected in Second Life and has opened Concussions Gallery. It is the first gallery in Second Life specializing in lowbrow art and artists.

The works hangs on the walls of some urban ruins surrounded by a T-shirt shop, a pole dance emporium, and a place that sells skyboxes. The surreal aspects of Second Life appeal to me. It’s very Alice in Wonderland meets Bewitched meets Tron. SL is more like the web than other multiplayer online games, because the content is user created and driven. This makes it good, bad, and ugly. You don’t know who or what you will run into next.

I’ve never been a video game fan, but in one of my previous lives I created 3-D graphics for various projects. Most notably, the character models and animation for the PC game based on the movie Jumanji. For several years I worked for the Navy creating 3-D graphics and animation used in Computer Based Training. Creating 3-D graphics is time consuming, and eventually my illustration and fine arts work took over. I do miss it, and Second Life allows me to build and use the experience I gained from that time.

A special preview will be held in the 3D virtual world of Second Life on Sunday, November 19th, at 6pm EST (3pm PST) at Concussions Gallery. Second Life residents and guests can buy prints “in world” or be among the first to see the new work and have an opportunity to own the original pieces.

This is a giant “Mecha Mouse” doing its best impression of Liberty. It’s by far the most visible landmark of the gallery and can be seen from quite a distance. According to my webstats someone from Disney was poking around my site the other day. Coincidence? Hmmm…

If you’d like to dive into Second Life, drop me an email, and I can meet you there. It cost nothing. Just pick a name for your avatar, and download the software on your machine. There are photos on Flickr and video on YouTube. Do a search for “Second Life”.

If you’re an artist and interested in exhibiting at Concussions Gallery in Second Life, contact me here or “in world.”

3 thoughts on “Concussions Art Gallery and the Return of Brooksini”

  1. That is so nice to see you have opened a gallery and got your man Brooksini up and running. Are you going to send out invitations to first world collectors for your second world opening?

  2. Of course! It would be great to see a few familiar faces at the Second Life opening. I’m not sure when the gallery will have the work online, I’ll have the work here on this site too. Collectors always get special treatment. 🙂

  3. O-M-G-! You really need to get that copy of WIRED out of your bathroom…
    Additionally, Dont feed the Borf beast!


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