Happy Memorial Day – weekend update

Saw Rilo Kiley at the 9:30 club Saturday night. Great music, VERY young crowd. Found out later they had a song featured on the OC – that’ll do it. I wondered why it was so easy to get a beer.

Cookout with K/R/J in Arlington Sunday afternoon. Flamingos, food, flowers & felines dominated the landscape. Finally met David Daniels and enjoyed chatting with him. Suprised our paths haven’t crossed years ago, considering our mutual friends, and my artist in residence stint at Montgomery College last year. Big congrats to him for getting in the Bethesda Painting show – a great opportunity – nice $ awards – (and my work wasn’t accepted).

Finally – we watched Shawn of the Dead last night – very funny British take on the zombie movie. I didn’t know that much about it but suprised by how clever it was. Not as predictable as so much of the crap the U.S. puts out. Speaking of – I almost forgot we watched Team America Friday. I LOVE South Park – and while this had some great bits – including the puppet sex and projectile vomiting – I was disappointed.

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  1. Oh come on…”America… F*ck-Yeah!” Im surprised it didn’t get a nod for best score. I also liked the crecents (er, Kwa-sonts…how is it spelled?) paving the streets of paris.

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