New Work

This is my latest piece. It was done specifically for the 5th Annual HeART of the Community exhibition and auction to be held in Rehoboth, June 3rd.

Above It All

Lots of new work, all in a similar vein. I like working with the stage concept, ala “all the world is a stage.” I see what’s going on behind and around the scenes as many things: our subconsious, god, motivation, or all the baggage we carry. Lots of directions to go with it, and I have many drawings started. Most of my focus seems to be drawn to the west coast lately, LA, San Franciso, and Seattle.

The good news I was hoping for didn’t come through, but other shows and opportunities have arisen. More details soon.

4 thoughts on “New Work”

  1. Looks great. Do you think that puppet cell phone bills are smaller than regular peoples? You still have an open invitiation to come backstage if you need any more “scenic” inspriation…JD

  2. Thanks, that would be great. Lets set up a time in the next few weeks for me to stop by the scene shop.

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