I sent my work in for this, so pick up drinks and munchies and stop by.

Saturday, May 6th at the Numark Gallery, 7:00

It’s a Potluck. It’s a slideshow. Pictures, beer, wine, food, friends and friends.

Born in the tiny livingroom of a NYC photographer fond of food, drink, friends and photos–Slideluck Potshow is a slideshow, and a potluck. This show has grown into an inspiring and spirited event that regularly brings hundreds of creatives to interesting New York City venues. For a better sense of past shows please peruse:

Now Slideluck comes to DC, and you are invited. You need not submit photos, but you MUST bring some kind of food dish, and a bottle if you’d like to drink from it. Come and enjoy the work of local photographers, eat, drink, mingle and watch.

The night starts at 7:00, the pictures start sometime thereafter. The venue is NUMARK GALLERY
625-27 E Street NW
Washington, DC.

So, bring a tasty dish, something good to drink, and join us for DC’s first Slideluck!


  1. It was a great success for being the first one in DC. Standing room only and lots of amazing work (and food). Met lots of talented people, completly different crowd for me which was fun. I’ll let you know when I hear about the next one. Congrats on the new place and have fun in Paris!

  2. Hi. I am a photographer in the city. I am trying to find out if there are any more Slideluck Potshows planned in the DC area. Do you know? Thanks. Heidi

  3. You can email Casey. His contact information is on the main Slideluck Potshow website. The link is in the original post. Good luck – I hope to see you there.

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