The Collector

I’m happy the collector is such a fan of my work…

From the WaPo Reliable Source column…

“It was a red wooden box. Inside: another manifesto, this one calling for support of local artists — and blasting D.C. galleries, collectors and critics who pay more attention to the international scene. It’s a complaint we’ve often heard from Artomatic denizens.

Also: five little handmade cards in the style of Monopoly’s “Community Chest” that single out some of The Collector’s local faves — painters Jeff Wilson and Scott Brooks, sculptor Aaron Quinn Brophy, Long View Gallery and Gallery Neptune.”

1 thought on “The Collector”

  1. Niiiiice costume! Is that you. I don’t know you, but the man in the costume doesn’t seem to have your goatee. Anyway, kudos for wearing a Riddler suit! I’d like to see more of your art on the blog.

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