The Internet Train Doesn’t Go There

A few nights ago I stopped at this place called The Internet Train down by the Ponte Vecchio. The wireless internet access at my apartment, besides being “borrowed” is very slow and unreliable. So I bought an hour of internet time and, since I only used 40 minutes, I thought I’d go back today to use up my minutes and upload pics to Flickr. The guy gave me a map and behold, just up the street there was another Internet Train.

How do you say “map not to scale” in Italian? After walking (pedi) for way longer than I should have, I made it to the Piazza San Salvi, only to find out this isn’t the Internet Train you’re looking for. More precisely, it sort of is, but different, and I needed to buy 5 hours of internet time. Mind you there are internet points on every corner, including one just a few steps from my door. I didn’t need to walk an hour to find one.

Anyway, I’m online and uploading pics. The bright side is I saw a part of Florence I’d never had seen otherwise. Much more residential and no tourists to be seen. I’ve also been able to practice my Italian – Dove Piazza San Salvi? Where is…? I have un autobus biglietto and will use that to retorno to mio apartmento.

I’m also getting some work done. After roaming through the museums during the day, I’ve been looking at the paintings I started for the show in May. In Photoshop I can add a layer and sketch a over the painting. I’ve had a few breakthroughs I think. We’ll see. I have some ideas for new paintings as well.

Here is David in the Piazza della Signoreli. This is a copy standing where the original was a few hundred years ago. The original is at the Galleria dell’Accademia. You can check out all my photos on Flickr.

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  1. Great batch of Florence images. I especially enjoyed your desk with the view of the domo in the window! I see also that there are a lot of shadows which I remember when I was there back in 84. The shade of all those close buildings makes it hard to get clear pictures of the sculptures. You did quite a good job. I liked to views up and down streets and stairwells.

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