“We the People” at Long View Gallery

Big thanks to everyone who helped make the show a success. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful crowd. Here are just a few images from the show. You can see more either on my Facebook page or on Flickr.

Big thanks also to Mike

Artists Todd Gardner, Kerri Sheehan, and Sondra Arkin

Siobhan Gavagan and photographer William Waybourn

Melissa (aka Oui Oui Nono) and me

Jared, Juanfe, and me

With artist Mike Weber

Sara, Kirstra, and Jason

Jimbo, Ed, and Todd

Pretty Girls and Robots/Two Unicorns F$%#ing t-shirt artist Chris Bishop

With designer Nathan Gomez and Michael Vogelsang

With Colin, Tom Goss, and photographer Todd Franson

With supermodel and guitarist Rick from Demivolt

Emily, Amy, Sarah, Mark, and Michelle

With artist Matt Hollis

Drew and Suzi from Long View Gallery

Afterparty at The Passenger with Matt Sesow, Sarah Massey, and Dana Ellyn

The last shot of the night with artists Anna U Davis and Dana Ellyn