Art of War

Art of War – Opening this Saturday, March 18, 7-10pm

Studio One Eight presents The Art of War. The exhibit marks the 3-year anniversary of the Iraqi conflict that began on March 20th 2003. The show brings together works inspired by the conflict and current events in the Middle East. The exhibit will includes artwork by artists Anna U. Davis, Dana Ellyn, J Coleman, Jordin Isip, Kelly Towles, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Matt Sesow, Peter Excho, Jared Davis, Scott G. Brooks, and many others.”

My submission is Il Teatro dei Roditori

At the convergence of war, politics, and commerce, an operatic tragedy is playing out. The competing interests in the military industrial complex have created a shadowy wake of abuse, lies, and cover-ups.

The military brass plays out their role with hypermasculine gusto, protecting their own image by manipulating and scapegoating those deemed weaker, whether prisoners or the rank-and-file.

Eighty-five percent of the troops say a major reason for the U.S. mission is “to retaliate for Saddam’s role in the 9/11 attacks.” Intentional or not, the whole story in this theater of the absurd is not heard.



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