Art Whino Double Feature: Friday, December 14th

The Solo Show of Justin Lovato and Art Whino’s Collaboration Featuring 20 New Artists
Friday, December 14th, 2007, 6-Midnight

Justin Lovato Solo Show
Justin Lovato spent his childhood in a suburban neighborhood in Sacramento, CA. From an early age he was constantly surrounded by art supplies which provided nourishment for his artistic endeavors. Drawing inspiration from comic books, video games, and cartoons, in his early youth Justin consistently stuck to drawing on paper and the occasional canvas painting, until he discovered the long practiced art of graffiti.

Hopping trains, climbing buildings and billboards, and venturing under bridges are all part of the process and lifestyle of graffiti and street art that have profoundly influenced Justin. He believes that it is a taking back of free space, a way of not succumbing to the idea that you can only express yourself to society if you have large amounts of money to spend on advertisements.

Justin is a self-taught artist who employs a wide range of influences. Aside from his roots in the process and subject matter of graffiti and street art, Justin is also motivated by the underground art and music culture, 14th century religious European art, and of course, 1970’s zombie movies.

The characters and subject matter in his paintings often tell some arcane and dark story, which is expressed through steady-handed intricate line work. Through layering of vivid color, he narrates the intriguing and amusing tales of seemingly pain-stricken, weathered, and worn individuals. However, his subjects manage to maintain an aura of humor due to their representational, illustrative appearance. Justin’s work carries bold themes inspired by his own criticisms of modern pop culture and the mental environment, pharmaceutical companies, occult and religious symbolism, and our political climate.

Art Whino Permanent Gallery

Art Whino adds 20 new artists to its Permanent Gallery bringing the number to 80 participating artists and over 400 pieces of art on exhibit. The opening reception takes place on December 14th, 2007 from 6-12pm, and will include music by Yoko K. and Tom B.

Art Whino’s collaboration artists, Justin Lovato, will showcase a live art installation during the show which one lucky person will get to take home!

Additionally, Art Whino continues to partner with a local DC non-profit. In this continuing effort to promote arts in our community, Art Whino is working with the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative on this event. We will be donating proceeds of this and future events to further help with their mission. To read more about them go to For more information on the event please visit

Alex Aviles, Andy Haynes, Arabella Proffer, Blutt, Casey Weldon, Dan “R5” Barojas, Dave MacDowell, D & J Foox, Edward Gross, El Gato Chimney, Jessica Gamble, Jessica Zadlo, Leah Bassett, Lee Jones, Michael Shapcott, Peter Krsko, Rib, Ruben Ubiera, Vanilla Royal, Viola Lynte

Yoko K. (a.k.a. aphrodizia) performing in the Front Gallery
Organic Electronica – weaving the layers of hypnotic soundscape, Yoko K. (a.k.a. aphrodizia), a laptop composer/vocalist, aspires to mediate between the sensual and the spiritual life. Soothing yet at times haunting, the flow of her sound inscribes dichotomies such as nature and synthesis; future and nostalgia; urban and primitive; death and life – in harmony.

Born and raised in Japan, Yoko began the study of classical piano at the age of 3, learned to play several music instruments throughout her childhood, sang at jazz clubs, and eventually started to produce music on her laptop. Her production received numerous awards such as Grand Prize at the Artists Forum Electronic Music Competition (Electronic Jazz Category) in 2007, and New Media and Audio Grant by the Washington DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in 2006; her debut album “012906” was nominated for “Best Album in Electronica” by the 6th Annual Independent Music Awards, and was selected for “the listener’s choice.”

Yoko has performed for art galleries, events/happenings, clubs and festivals across the US, and collaborated with various visual and performing artists; in May 2006, her collaborative work has been featured in W/PAC Experimental Media Series at Corcoran Gallery of Art. Her vocals have been featured by producers across the globe, such as Dalminjo (Deeplay Music – Sweden), Holmes Ives (Ova Records – US), Ali Kesanto (Cheeky Punster – Finland), and Danilo Venturi (Italy). She also participates in Dust Galaxy, a solo project of Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation, as a keyboard player and a backing vocalist. Yoko is also keen on utilizing her music as a way of raising awareness for cross-cultural understanding and tolerance; her ongoing projects include “Amahoro” which features the narrative of 1994 Rwanda Genocide. Yoko currently lives in Washington DC.

Thomas Blondet (aka Tom B) Performing in the Back Gallery
Thomas Blondet (aka Tom B) is a Washington DC DJ regarded highly for his impeccable taste and understanding of music. Revered locally and nationally as much for his technical ability as he is for his experience behind the decks, Tom B has for the past 15 years held residencies in several influential DC dance clubs, notably the legendary Club Red. He is currently at the Eighteenth Street Lounge and Club Five on Fridays and Saturdays respectively. Starting at age 14, inspired by the early sounds of Mr Fingers and Masters At Work, Tom developed an informed musical palette. He went on to the natural progression of music production after solidifying his roots on dance floors along the East Coast. In the studio, Tom’s House and Latin music influences come to the forefront with releases on Odds and Ends and Rhythm & Culture Recordings, to name a few. With remix credits for such artists as Vivian Green on Sony Music and Marlon D on Jellybean Recordings, Tom B is concentrating on building and expanding his catalogue and pursuing his passion for deejaying. With more tracks ready for release in addition to critical acclaim, Thomas Blondet has truly come into his own.

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