Art Whino Pics

Another great show at Art Whino! Lots of new work and artists. Artists drove in from all over for the show: D & J Foox came in from Texas, Dzaet drove up from Amityville, VA, others drove in from Philadelphia, and Robert came up from Charlotte, NC.

I just got a few pics this time…

Assorted Art Whinos including Candy and I in back, along with David and Jessica Foox

Live painting with Justin Lovato

Candy, myself, and Emily

Dzaet and Gabriel

Myself and Dzaet – our auras overpowered the camera…

1 thought on “Art Whino Pics”

  1. Gidday Scott,

    The pics are AWESOME!!!!!

    The Artwhino show was GREAT. I really dont have powerful enough words to express how AWESOME everything was and is. We love your artwork, we love Artwhino, we love being a part of something exciting and cool and fun, we love Shane, we love Theo, we love Candy, and we love Dzaet, and we love you, and everything else too.

    have a great weeekend and i hope we get to meet again SOON!!!!

    WE LOVE YOU DC!!!!!


    Foox and Foox

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