Art Whino Gallery Opening

I’ll have 2 pieces in this show: “Sheep is the New Black” and “The Last Temptation of Sister Margaret”. More info at

Opening Reception: Friday, October 19, 2007, 6-11 pm
Show Runs: October 19 – 30, 2007
Location: Art Whino, 717 N. Saint Asaph St, Alexandria, VA 22314
Gallery Hours: M-F, 6pm-10pm | Sat, 10am-12pm | Sun, Noon-6pm

The largest commercial Fine Arts Gallery in the greater DC region opens October 19, 2007, in Old Town, VA. Located at 717 N. Saint Asaph St. Art Whino opens its doors with two exhibits: A solo show by artist Derrick Wolbaum and the opening of the Art Whino Permanent Gallery featuring the work of its artists’ collaboration from around the world. The event, running from 6-11pm, will include music by DJ Stylo.

Art Whino: Artist Collaboration postcard

Art Whino’s mission is to bring to the DC area a large body of work from innovators worldwide of the current new art movement otherwise labeled Pop-Surrealism, Lowbrow, and Urban Contemporary. By bringing works from around the world to one place it allows the gallery patrons to experience the many movements of art as presented by these innovative artists. Work on display includes the often hard to acquire work of established artists and new work from emerging talents. The displayed work comes from the major metropolitan centers around the world including New York, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Denmark, Paris, London, Canada, and Rio.

Participating Artists Include:
Amose, Angie Mason, Anna Thackray, Brad Strain, Brian Tait, Bruce Anderson, Celia Calle, Chris Bishop, Derrick Wolbaum, Dzaet, Erik Abel, Esho, Garry Booth, Hong Kong, J. Coleman, JimBot, JoKa, Justin Lovato, Keith Rosson, Kelly Towles, Ken Garduno, Lelo, Luz Del Mar Rosado, Margaret Dowell, Mary Spring, Marko Davidovic, Mephisto Jones, Morten Andersen, Olivier Defaye, Kelly Vivanco, Peter Harper, Pixielife, Rick Reese, Robert Pokorny, Scotch, Scott G. Brooks, Scott Musgrove, Stephane Tartelin, Steven Thomas, The Love Movement, Sebastian Andia, Tamira Imondi

Derrick Wolbaum Solo Show
A certain death and its process have imprinted Derrick Wolbaum with a sense of transition and decay. This sensation has inadvertently left its mark on his work over the years and is consistently reoccurring today. In addition, the concept of ‘Redemption through Suffering,’ a by-product of growing up a catholic in the Midwest, has also left its mark on his efforts.

Recently Derrick has experimented with water and layering. The use of water has played a vital role, acting as a sealant and as a visual sauce maintaining a sense of viscera for final renderings. In his work he strips down the human figure creating an objectification of the body and a sense of honesty. The human figure as a pile of meat or in a certain stage of decay represents a truth that he can relate to. In a sense his paintings represent the fact of reality that what people leave behind besides memories is an object- a body. This information is especially valuable in our current affluent condition.

Derrick Wolbaum