Pics from MDH Fine Arts show

The show at MDH Fine Arts went well, and we had a great weekend in NYC. Thanks again to Michael Henry. Here are a few pics. You can see the entire show online here.

Myself, Rachel, and Michael Henry

Alfred Schatz, me, and Magarmor

Magarmor’s work – including a very cool 3-D drawing.

“All You Create, All You Destroy” by Magarmor

A few drawings by Al Shatz

“I Feel Secure Under Watchful Eyes” also by Al

Andrew Michael Ford and myself

1 thought on “Pics from MDH Fine Arts show”

  1. I sure love your work. I found you over at Homeyra’s ( time ago and have been a fan ever since.

    My favorites:
    Little Lyndie Lou Hoo Plays Army
    All American Boys
    Liberty Takes a Holiday

    I think you have a wrong link in your painting thumbnails – second row, right hand column brings up “Shots” instead of the thumbnailed painting.

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