New Drawings at MDH Fine Arts, NYC

My drawings for the NYC show are finished, framed, and delivered. You can see a preview online. The opening reception is next Thursday, September 20, at MDH Fine Arts, located in the Chelsea gallery district in Manhattan. Also on display will be work by Magarmor and Alfred Schatz. I’ll see you there!

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 20, 6pm – 8pm
MDH Fine Arts, 233 West 19th, NYC (917-364-8221)

“The wide-eyed progeny inhabiting the latest set of drawings are shown engaging in activities ranging from the mundane to the tragic, from private moments to shared drama. The real world is thrust upon classical portraits composed of bits and pieces of fairy tales, history, and pop culture. The results are dark and twisted, beautiful and bleak.”

There are 13 new drawings in total. Here are a few to get started:

“Victim Mentality” 2007
Victim Mentality

“Trail’s End” 2007
Trail's End

“Too Many Lemons” 2007
Too Many Lemons

“Precious Lambs of God” 2007
Lambs of God

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