Inauguration Day Update

Today seemed like a good day for an update. I’m watching inauguration coverage via CNN and the local channels and amazed at the crowds out there. It’s a beautiful sunny day but cold, about 19 degrees F, with wind chills at about 8 degrees. Despite that the crowds look to be even bigger than expected. I specifically feel bad for the people trying to get in via metro. All the stations are packed, with long lines waiting to get in. I can say from experience those people have a loooong way to go.

My studio is about 1.5 miles from the mall, close enough to walk, but long ago we decided to stay in and watch everything on TV. Just last night I was offered two tickets to the swearing in ceremony, but passed. Cold weather and I are not on good terms.

We’ve been out quite a bit already. Blowoff Saturday night, and Obama Wonderama at the Warehouse on Sunday. I read that Dupont Circle was turning into an impromptu meeting place for several groups so I walked down and saw this 20 feet tall inflatable Bush balloon, being pelted with old shoes.  There was also a stage set up and a group gathering  to walk down to the White House to perform a ritualistic cleansing.  The smell of sage was overwhelming. We spent the remainder of Inauguration Eve with a small gathering of friends in Petworth.

We have several inaugural parties tonight including Art of Change, also at the Warehouse. That is across the street from the Convention Center, which will host several official balls tonight, so getting there will require a bit of an effort.

Workwise, I’m trying to finish up illustrations for a new book, so I plan on hunkering down in front of the TV with some work. I still have one more book (16 illustrations) to do after this, as well as a few digital illustrations on deck.

I had a model over on Saturday, and several more scheduled this week. I’ve managed to start several canvases, and the models will get me that much closer. My next big show will be September 9th up in NYC. More information soon.

So, to sum it up, it’s been a busy couple of months, mostly working on commercial projects, and waiting for Obamapalooza. I will be wrapping up everything this month, and getting back to my paintings full time in a few weeks. I’ll post images when I can.