“Nativity v2.0” for Polaroids 50/50/50 show

New work! “Nativity v2.0” – I’m one of 50 artists selected by Polaroid to create work for their 50/50/50 show coming up during Fashion week in NYC. My piece incorporates prints from their new GL10 Printer. Fun fact – Lady Gaga is Polaroids Creative Director – http://bit.ly/eMopBF Artwork will be auctioned off Sept 14th with proceeds going to Gaga’s Born this Way Foundation and Free Arts NYC. More info soon…


1 thought on ““Nativity v2.0” for Polaroids 50/50/50 show”

  1. your work is very close to my mind and current theoretical undertakings on monstrosity. I just thought to drop these lines to say, thank you, and ask you if I could use a copy of this work in my upcoming monograph. if so, what steps would I have to take to get your permission.

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