Slow and Steady part 1: Claritas, Inc

Finished up more digital work for Claritas – here’s a few samples. I’ve done about a hundred of these the last few years for them – including the Canadian version. I’m redesigning my illustration site to include them since I find myslf doing this type of work quite a bit. To see more and how they work, here is a complete list.

claritas icons

Off to Michigan

Traveling to Michigan today for a week to do school visits for the books and to visit family and friends over Easter.

Mondo Exotica

Last weekend we went to Mondo Exotica, the Visionary Art Museum‘s annual fundraising party in Baltimore. Great music by Squonk Opera and Brave Combo, along with everyone being in costume, made for a quite a bash. The theme was King Neptune’s Aquarama (which corresponds with AVAM’s current show), and we went as Team Zissou from The Life Aquatic with Kate and Jared.

Team Zissou

I hope DC can get something like this going. This was just one night and everyone had a great time and went home. I hear Artomatic is having an Artist’s Prom this June and I’m looking forward to that. Big party events like this are a great way to build the arts community and take advantage of the current spike in the DC art scene.

I met Jackie from Squonk Opera last year at Gallery Neptune’s showing of her talented BF David Wallace’s work. They are from Pittsburgh so I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to see Squonk perform. We were planning on going to Mondo anyway and seeing them play was an added bonus.

Squonk Opera

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